The Track
The surface is EOS carpet with very high traction. The carpet is only used for our temporary track builds, and will be new for the above named events.

The track layout will be customized for the event but will contain a long straight, small and large jumps, tabletop jump, sweeping and tight corners.

The track will comply with EFRA rules with a flowing layout for good racing and passing opportunities. The track internal markers are white wooden ribs, apex markers are white and red convex steel discs.


Lighting system

Sports hall lighting is from Titus Sport with a maximum of 1985 lux over the track surface. The lighting can be adjusted in 3 steps.

Sound system

A speaker system for sporting events is available. For improved room acoustics,
1000 sqm of sound absorbing material has been placed over the entire ceiling of the hall.


Ceiling height approx. 9.2 m.


Audience capacity

Track/lap timing

MyLaps RC4 decoder with MyRcm Firmware


Onsite purpose built rostrum with driver and Race Controller areas.
This will be built along the long side of the hall, opposite the location of RC racing TV and audience.

Pit area
In close proximity to the track there will be a pitting area, a long, wide´, moist and light corridor with large windows with tables and chairs for the competitors with at least 1m x 1m table space per person.
The hall is alarmed and drivers can leave their belongings at night.

Electrical system
230v Schuko sockets are available for every competitor.